Combining Cargo To Cut Emissions

Credit: William William/Unsplash

Cost reduction, as well as cutting CO2 emissions are the driving forces behind decisions to combine cargo for multiple projects whenever possible. General Electric (GE) turned to BigLift Shipping, part of the Spliethoff Group when looking to optimise its deliveries, reports cargo journal.

Three voyages

In three voyages, GE combined cargoes for three wind farm projects in the Netherlands, deploying its vessel Pauwgracht on two occasions and its sister vessel Plotersgracht once. From Aliaga and Izmir, both in Turkey, they shipped a total of 26 sets of towers and 20 sets of blades to their home port of Amsterdam.


There, a hub was created to tranship the 166-metre towers and 80.4-metre blades by trailer to their final destinations near Dronten, in the Flevopolder, 70 kilometres East of Amsterdam.

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Source : Project cargo