Speed and Elegance: Sunreef Yachts Launches New Line!

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Sunreef Yachts has unveiled a new line of hybrid-motors yachts that feature voluminous storage, customized interiors, walkaround and extensive decks, and even an option to fit the large roof with solar power board for an ideal summer getaway. Members of the ULTIMA family cater to their fans’ liking, depending on the size and features of the chosen water vehicle.

An Advanced Eco Speeder

The Sunreef 45 ULTIMA bears its name as an advanced eco-speeder and rushes on the sea with its stable speed and performance. Its dynamic hull concept exudes the fast-cruising and luxury-living concept the Sunreef Yachts attempt to capture. Sunreef 45 ULTIMA’s modern hybrid propulsion is the essence of the yacht’s performance and reliability. It can go far from and back to the shore without a hassle, coupled with the company’s offering to fit its large roof with a custom-engineered solar power system for unrivaled energy efficiency. From the outside, the sleek and simple design lures in attention, a recollection of yachts that may be used in action movies and villain-protagonist chasing. The yacht’s fully customizable interiors feature amazing amounts of space and voluminous storage, so much that up to two sofa beds can slide right into the rear decks. The aft of the Sunreef 45 ULTIMA also ushers in plenty of lounging space and easy access to external water vehicles and diving gear.  

Party Decks

Speed, space, and style mark the design ethos of Sunreef Yachts 55 ULTIMA, a bigger and bolder version of its 45 sibling. The multihull yacht opens up its vast interior living spaces and unrivaled alfresco lounging options to any guests who want to be whisked away from the land. Sunreef Yachts says that 55 ULTIMA’s dynamic hull design is optimized to offer a smooth motion at sea and comfort on board regardless of the driver’s speed. Like its 45 counterpart, 55’s hybrid propulsion sets its hybrid-motor eyes on speed, sustainability, and reliability. Following the custom fitting of the 45 ULTIMA, Sunreef Yachts 55 ULTIMA can also be equipped with a custom-engineered solar power system. Setting that aside, what makes 55 ULTIMA the ultimate party station comes through its customizable layouts with bespoke decors.

From its look, the outdoor deck can be expanded into a spacious platform tailored to gatherings with benches pushed on the sides to make way for a grander center space. The main deck boasts a large dining area connecting with the aft cockpit to create a vast semi-open lounging area with ocean views. 

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