Compilation of Ballast Water Treatment Systems With USCG Approval


The number of ballast water treatment systems being approved by the USCG continues to increase. Their list will be updated with each subsequent additional USCG type-approval, reports Riviera Maritime Media.

USCG approved BWTS system

The table below shows the make of each ballast water treatment system (and any previous name), the model that has been approved and the date of USCG approval. The South Korean Hanla BWTS is the latest to be approved.

Table of USCG Type-Approved Ballast Water Treatment Systems

Make Model Date of USCG Approval
1 TeamTec (OceanSaver) MkII 2016/12
2 Optimarin OBS / OBS Ex 2016/12
3 Ecochlor Ecochlor 2017/08
4 Erma First FIT 2017/10
5 SunRui BalClor 2018/01
6 Hyundai HI EcoBallast 2018/05
7 Bio UV Bio-Sea 2018/06
8 Samsung HI Purimar 2018/06
9 Techcross Electro-Cleen 2018/06
10 Wärtsilä Aquarius EC 2018/08
11 Headway Technology (Qingdao) OceanGuard 2018/11
12 JFE Engineering BallastAce 2018/11
13 De Nora BALPURE 2018/12
14 Panasia GloEn-Patrol 2018/12
15 Envirocleanse inTank 2019/02
16 Desmi Ocean Guard CompactClean 2019/04
17 Alfa Laval PureBallast 3.2 2019/05
18 Wärtsilä Aquarius UV 2019/05
19 Cathelco Evolution 2019/06
20 COSCO Blue Ocean Shield 2019/09
21 Hyundai HI EcoBallast 2019/10
22 MIURA HK-E C 2019/10
23 Hanla IMS EcoGuardian 2019/11


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Source: Riviera Maritime Media



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