Concerns Over Shore Leave And The Wellbeing Of Seafarers

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Jan Webber, The Mission to Seafarers’ director of development and a recipient of a BEM award, talks about the organization’s concerns for seafarers who continue to have trouble obtaining shore leave following the Covid-19 outbreak, as reported by Nautilus.

Shore leave for seafarers 

The Mission to Seafarers is nevertheless extremely concerned about the fact that seafarers are still unable to take shore leave. We are aware that shore leave benefits mental health since it offers a change of environment, the chance to interact with new people, the chance to call home, and the chance to buy necessities and little extras.

Physical and mental health

For months on end, seafarers work in a mechanized environment, socialize with a small group of crew members, and frequently pass their free time alone in their cabins. We are aware that this is detrimental to maintaining both good physical and mental health.

The Mission’s significant in-person port charity ship visits are the sector’s “unsung heroes.” It is crucial that the industry continues to promote and recognise the advantages of this service, as they frequently operate covertly.

Training in suicide awareness 

Our frontline personnel interact with seafarers on a daily basis in 200 locations throughout the globe, offering assistance when both practical and emotional support is required. Despite the fact that we provide a digital service, there is no doubt that face-to-face communication is more potent and effective.

Our frontline personnel continue to deliver the groceries that sailors who cannot come ashore so desperately want, despite having less shore leave than before the outbreak. In 2022, they shipped $3 million worth of goods around the world. Think about not being able to get oneself some medicine, a bar of chocolate, or a new toothbrush. Yet the frontline personnel at Missions are much more than just shopping assistants; they also listen and offer advice. Many people have now received training in suicide awareness in an effort to save lives, and they have.


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Source: Nautilus


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