Condition Surveys: Tankers Which Have Carried Heavy Fuel Oil as Cargo



The West of England P&I club has issued a notice in June 2015 to all tanker members where the tankers had carried Heavy Fuel oil as Cargo.

As in previous years and in accordance with International Group practice, the Club is required to carry out condition surveys of seagoing tankers aged 10 years or more if they had carried heavy fuel oil (HFO) as cargo during the previous policy year unless the ship:

  • has undergone a P&I Club condition survey during the previous 12 months; or
  • has undergone a class Special Survey during the previous 6 months; or
  • is currently rated as CAP 1 or CAP 2 by an IACS classification society.

All Members who operate tankers are asked to complete and return the first page of the attached declaration.  Members should also complete the form on the second page if any tankers in their fleet have carried HFO as cargo between 20 February 2014 and 19 February 2015 and were aged 10 years or more at the time.

If a tanker continues to carry HFO as cargo in successive years, the Club is not obliged to carry out an annual condition survey.  However, the ship will need to be re-examined at least once every three years, or more frequently at the Club’s discretion.

The definition of HFO to be used for the purpose of the annual declaration is: A residual fuel with a kinematic viscosity of 380 centistokes or greater when measured at 50 degrees Celsius by Test Method ISO 3104.  This definition is intended to exclude intermediate fuel oils and heavy crudes, as well as bitumen and tar.

Members affected by this Notice are asked to submit their declarations to the Loss Prevention department as soon as possible, but not later than 31 August 2015.

Declaration – Click here



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