Container Dwell Times Improve At San Pedro Bay Ports


Improvement in Container Dwell

The San Pedro Bay Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach have shown a notable improvement in average dwell times for containers in April, with reductions observed for both truck and rail transport, according to the latest data from the Pacific Merchant Shipping Association (PMSA).

Containers destined for local delivery by truck spent an average of 2.50 days at port terminals in April, showing a slight improvement from the 2.59 days recorded in March.

Rail Transport & Industry Response

Significant progress was noted in the dwell time for rail-destined cargo. Intermodal containers spent an average of 4.55 days at terminals in April, a marked decrease from 7.02 days in March and 6.26 days in February.

One contributing factor to this improvement was the reduction in the number of rail-bound containers that remained at the terminals for five or more days.“We’re pleased to see that the rail dwell time has experienced a significant decline during the month of April while the truck dwell time continues to remain low,” commented Natasha Villa, External Affairs Manager of the PMSA.

New Developments at the Port

“These data points are important to understanding the operational efficiency within these segments of the supply chain. When dwell times are consistently low it is a good indication that marine terminals and our carrier partners are operating efficiently.”

The Port of Long Beach has just broken ground on its new truck charging station managed by Forum Mobility.

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Source: Port Technology