Container Ship Collided With Cargo Ship In Kiel Canal


A Container ship and a cargo ship suffered damages after it collided with each other in Kiel canal.

Accident : Collision
Date : 5th February 2016
Vessel Type Involved : Container ship and cargo ship
Location : In Kiel Canal
Casualties/Pollution : Nil

It is said that both the vessels had just transited the canal when the trailing cargo ship struck the container ship from behind.  The reports state that the container ship suffered severe damages to its stern and is currently moored at the port of Hamburg.  Also, the cargo ship which got delivered in March 2015, sustained damages.

An AIS replay of the incident shows the container ship enter the locks before the trailing cargo ship hit the vessel from behind after failing to stop.

Disclaimer: This video is intended for educational purpose only and not to be construed as a news article.

Video: VesselFinder on YouTube

Source: Turkish Maritime


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