Container Ship Collides with Tug in Channel


On July 19, a Container ship reportedly collided with a tug, when passing through the English Channel.

What happened?

The tug ‘MTS Viscount’ collided was towing the pipes located in the English Channel when the Container ship ‘Samskip Courier’ collided with the tug.

Tug damaged:

Tug Technology and Business, Marine and Towage Services (MTS) Group confirmed about the collision.

The twin-screw deepsea tug, operated by MTS, was towing floating pipes from Rotterdam to Arzew, in Algeria. After the collision the equipment on the tug was damaged and it reportedly lost the cargo.

Another tug MTS Taktow was called in to assist in recovering the damaged tug.

Investigation launched:

The officials have initiated investigation how the container ship collided with the tug which was towing pipes.

After inspection the container ship was undamaged proceeded towards its journey to Netherlands.

English Channel:

This happens to be second collision to take place in the English Channel this month. Earlier, there was a collision between Seafrontier tanker and bulker Huayang Endeavor in the Dover traffic separation system on 1 July.

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Source: Tug Technology & Business


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