Container Ship Lost Propulsion and Ran Aground



A container ship named Hanni ran aground in Elbe River near Muhlenberg, Germany.  The vessel soon lost its propulsion power shortly after leaving Hamburg.  The ship that was left stuck halfway at the sandy embankment was reportedly refloated.

The crew reported the accident to the local authorities and requested assistance. Two tugs were dispatched to the scene of the crime after attempting to refloat the ship.  The salvage operations were delayed for the night due to high tide.  The traffic at the area was not affected by the grounding since the ship was outside the fairway.

Fortunately, during the accident, there were no injured people and no water pollution.

The local authorities have started an investigation to determine the root cause of the accident.  It was understood that container ship Hanni lost propulsion power after engine failure.  The crew was not able to stop the drifting vessel and the current pushed the vessel outside the fairway.

Reports say that the vessel was finally pulled back into the water.

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Source: Kieler Nachrichten