Container Ship Ran Aground Off Taiwan


Incident : Vessel Grounding
Date : 10th March 2016
Vessel type : Container ship
Location : 300 meters off the coast of Shimen Township in New Taipei
Casualties : Nil
Pollution : Unknown amount of oil leakage

According to the reports, the vessel was on a coastwise trip from Keelung to Taichung when she ran aground off the coast of New Taipei, Taiwan on Thursday.  According to the Coast Guard Administration (CGA), all the 21 crew members onboard the vessel were airlifted by the Taiwan’s National Airborne Service Corps after they abandoned the ship on their captain’s order.

The rough weather conditions did not allow the first responders to approach the vessel by watercraft.  Hence, National Airborne Service Corps were called for help.

The cause of grounding is not yet reported.  There has been an unknown amount of oil spill into the sea for which a containment boom has been deployed.  Fortunately, there were no reports of casualties.

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Source: TVBS


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