Contaminated Fuel To Be Passed On To Fujairah Players


  • About 200 ships are understood to have received the fuel from the two firms in Singapore, some 80 of which subsequently reported problems with fuel pumps and engines.
  • The fuel was noted by MPA to have met ISO 8217 spec – but presumably, this is limited to the table parameters and it fails to meet clause 5 requirements for fuel to be free from contaminants that make it unacceptable for use.
  • In theory, a supplier could buy the debunked contaminated fuel at a heavy discount and attempt to blend out the issue.

According to allegations, ships that brought tainted petroleum to Singapore attempted to offload the commodity and transfer it to players in Fujairah as reported by Ship & Bunker.

Defective bunkers

According to Argus Media, several players have been given the fuel, albeit it is unclear whether any supplier in Fujairah has purchased the defective bunkers.

The Maritime and Port Authority (MPA) of Singapore designated global commodities firm Glencore as the original supplier of contaminated HSFO in the country earlier this month. Glencore also supplied some of the problematic products to PetroChina.

Receiving fuel

Around 200 ships are thought to have received fuel from the two Singapore companies, with about 80 of them reporting difficulties with their fuel pumps and engines.

MPA observed that the gasoline met ISO 8217 specifications, but this appears to be confined to table parameters since it fails to meet clause 5 standards for fuel to be free of pollutants that render it unfit for use.

In theory, a supplier might get the supposedly tainted fuel at a deep discount and try to blend the problem out.

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Source: Ship & Bunker


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