Continued Supply of Low Flashpoint Distillate Fuels in the New York Area



Please recall Viswa Lab’s earlier Technical Update on this topic (Increase number of low flashpoint fuels in the New York area).

Viswa Lab reported to MFAME that they have now received 5 more samples where the flash point is lower than the mandatory 60 degC.  Interestingly, the same 4 suppliers who supplied the off‐spec fuel last time have also supplied off‐spec fuel this time.  Considering the various problems associated with low flashpoint, including classification requirements, you may consider insisting that the supplier produces the flashpoint test certificate prior to the supply.

Also, you may consider insisting that the samples be drawn only at the ship manifold and these seal numbers be entered in the Bunker Delivery Note (BDN).

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Source: Viswa Lab Technical Update