COP28 Launches With Strong Anti-Methane Stance


LNG-fuelled ships could come under greater scrutiny following yesterday’s attack on methane by the US special presidential envoy for the climate, John Kerry, says an article published on loadstar website.

Global Focus On Methane Reduction

COP28 opened with a notable emphasis on methane reduction, as expressed by US Special Presidential Envoy for the Climate, John Kerry. The US is making a significant commitment to reduce methane emissions, urging similar efforts from major emitters like China. The focus on methane, a potent greenhouse gas, indicates a shift beyond traditional discussions centered on carbon dioxide (CO2).

Challenges For LNG-Fueled Ships

LNG-fueled ships might face increased scrutiny due to concerns related to methane emissions. While LNG is considered a cleaner alternative, efforts to reduce methane slip—a release of unburned methane in exhaust emissions—are still underway. 

The impact of LNG-fueled ships on methane emissions, although smaller compared to other sources, is not fully eliminated, raising questions about the effectiveness of LNG as a decarbonization fuel.

Divided Opinions On LNG’s Impact

Opinions on the effectiveness of LNG as a decarbonization fuel vary. Some studies suggest that LNG provides negligible benefits in reducing overall greenhouse gas emissions. 

Advocacy groups, however, defend LNG, claiming it can bring CO2 emissions reductions of 20% to 30% for certain engine types. The ongoing debate highlights the complexity of evaluating the true environmental impact of LNG in the shipping industry.

COP28 President’s Remarks

COP28 President and Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) CEO, Sultan Al Jaber, acknowledged the challenges and emphasized the commitment of oil and gas companies to zero out methane emissions by 2030. 

The inclusion of all greenhouse gases in future reduction plans signifies a broader perspective on addressing climate change beyond CO2.

Key Statements And Responses

Mr. Kerry’s critical stance on methane was echoed by other leaders at COP28. Despite robust responses from LNG advocacy groups, concerns about methane emissions could prompt a closer examination of LNG’s role in the global push for cleaner energy.

Ongoing Discussions And Global Commitments

The ongoing discussions at COP28 underscore the evolving priorities in climate action. The commitment to address methane emissions aligns with the broader goal of achieving a sustainable and low-carbon future. 

The outcomes of COP28 discussions will likely influence policies and strategies in various industries, including shipping.

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Source: loadstar