COSCO Exploits the Growth Potential of Emerging Markets

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Recently, the first batch of eucalyptus logs imported from Kenya, Africa have been shipped in four containers to Qinzhou Port, adding new type of cargoes to the Gulf of Tonkin Terminal operated by CSP, a subsidiary of COSCO SHIPPING Holdings, under the latter’s “bulk to container” strategy, reports Xinde Marine News.

COSCO enhances shipping route

In recent years, COSCO SHIPPING Holdings has continuously enhanced its shipping route network in Africa, optimized its supply chain products and increased supply chain resilience. Its high-quality services have been recognized by several industry leaders in Africa. After embarking on the digital supply chain transformation, the Company has gradually evolved from a traditional container shipping service provider to a professional end-to-end supply chain service provider through digital transformation, thereby achieving the integration of full-chain services.

At present, COSCO SHIPPING Holdings operates a total of 12 shipping routes in Africa, including 2 West African feeder shipping routes.

Maritime digitization

Digitization increases the transparency of the supply chain, including the information on raw materials, production, sales and logistics, hence reducing the information asymmetry.

Digital supply chain enables process optimization, which enables businesses in emerging markets such as Africa to run their operations smoothly at lower costs.

Steady development of digital supply chain

  • TMS systems were implemented in most regions in Africa for the whole-process tracking of inland trailer services.
  • The e-commerce store for local backloading services has been launched in Africa, providing online inquiry, booking and other services.
  • End-to-end extension services have been continuously optimized with the start of door-to-door trailer services between Durban – Durban King Shaka Airport, creating a new cooperation model for customers.
  • The Company has developed end-to-end packing and exporting services at warehouses in Durban, providing TO DOOR services for importing cargoes to designated points in West Africa and TO DOOR loading services at ports for exporting lithium ores from Nigeria.

COSCO SHIPPING Holdings is accelerating the digitalization process of its supply chain. In the future, it will continue to explore the potential of emerging markets, optimize the digital supply chain logistics operation system for its comprehensive industrial chain logistics support, and expand the application scenarios for its value-added services and business areas.

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Source: Xinde Marine News