COSCO Shipping Ore Carrier Breaks World Record

Credit: Cosco

COSCO Shipping’s 400,000-DWT ore carrier, Yuan Yi Hai, successfully finished unloading in the Dongjiakou Port Area of Qingdao Port.

The unloading process, which involved 375,500 tons of cargo, was completed in just 30.7 hours, setting a new world record for iron ore unloading.

Three records achieved

Moreover, this operation achieved three records for single-ship cargo unloading at Qingdao Port, including discharging 160,000 tons of cargo from a single ship, discharging 300,000 tons of cargo from a single ship continuously day and night, and achieving a discharge rate of 12,228 tons per hour.

Fulfilling customers requirements

Given the requirement for some of the customer’s cargoes to be in international transit, the tight unloading time frame added to the challenge. In order to fulfill customers’ requirements, COSCO SHIPPING Bulk collaborated with the port to devise a plan to expedite the unloading process. It also deployed its representatives from the Beijing branch in Qingdao to work closely with the ore carrier at the site.

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Source: Coscoshipping





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