COSCO SHIPPING Unveils Eco-Friendly Warehouse at London Gateway!

Credit: China Daily

COSCO SHIPPING Crystal Logistics UK, a subsidiary of COSCO SHIPPING UK, inaugurated a new warehouse at London Gateway Freeport on Tuesday signifying a major leap forward in their commitment to digital supply-chain logistics in the United Kingdom.


COSCO SHIPPING UK has long been involved in the UK’s shipping industry, engaging in

  • container ship ownership,
  • liner agency operations,
  • warehousing,
  • distribution,
  • customs clearance and,
  • supply chain management.

Founded in 1991, Crystal Logistics has gained substantial recognition within the UK’s construction logistics sector and diversified into ventures including Amazon transshipment services, e-commerce logistics, concert logistics, and European transportation.

In line with the company’s vision for growth and innovation, it unveiled its 11,000-square-meter flagship warehouse at London Gateway, establishing it as the centerpiece of its UK supply-chain logistics network.

Opening Ceremony

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Martin Beadle, general manager of Crystal Logistics, said:

“In the future, the plan is to fully utilize the resource advantages of the new warehouse in London Gateway, leverage its Freeport status, and further fortify the existing construction logistics, warehousing, and distribution divisions.

“Our strategy also includes expanding the presence in ETSF (external temporary storage facility) cross-border e-commerce and LCL (less than container-load) business segments, ultimately capturing a larger market share and solidifying Crystal’s logistics sector as a cornerstone of COSCO SHIPPING UK.”

Oliver Treneman, a representative of London Gateway and park development director at DP World London Gateway, welcomed Chinese companies entering the London Gateway logistics park.

Oliver Treneman’s words:

“DP World would like to strengthen cooperation with COSCO SHIPPING UK, provide better services for Chinese and British enterprises, and make greater contributions to promoting mutually beneficial economic and trade cooperation between the two countries,” he said.

London Gateway Port

London Gateway Port, in Essex, UK, is the second-largest container port with 1.8 million TEUs annual throughput. Crystal Logistics’ Grade A warehouse offers modern, smart facilities and ample parking.

Insights of Li Zhenyu

Li Zhenyu, vice-president of COSCO SHIPPING Europe, urged Crystal Logistics to fully harness the strategic location which, he said, would enable the provision of more efficient and reliable logistics support and improved service quality.

Li also advocated for the concept of a green supply chain, promoting sustainability while staying vigilant to the evolving trends in the logistics and technology sectors.

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Source: China Daily


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