COSCO To Offer Option of Wind Propulsion Technology


Anemoi Marine Technologies has reached an agreement with COSCO Shipping Heavy Industry (CHI) to install Anemoi’s Rotor Sails on newbuild vessels or retrofit during dry dock, reads an official release.

Energy saving technology

Rotor Sails, also known as Flettner Rotors, are an energy saving technology. The mechanical sails are comprised of tall cylinders which, when driven to spin, harness the renewable power of the wind to provide auxiliary propulsion to vessels which significantly reduces fuel consumption and lowers harmful emissions entering the atmosphere by 5-30%.

As an integrated group of shipbuilding and marine engineering enterprises we are committed to supporting the shipping industry’s decarbonisation drive,” Guo ZhiQiang, Assistant General Manager at CHQ of CHI, stated.

Wind propulsion installation

According to IWSA, the latest installations of wind propulsion technology on large commercial vessels have tipped the amount of cargo that can be transported on vessels that make use of wind as a renewable energy source over the one million tonnes of deadweight (DWT) milestone.

Currently, twenty-one large commercial vessels have wind propulsion systems installed onboard representing over one million DWT of cargo carrying capacity.

By the end of this year, IWSA estimates that wind propulsion technology will be installed on around twenty-five large commercial vessels, representing 1.2 million DWT.

Wind as renewable energy source

Based on public announcements and shipyard orders made to-date, IWSA also estimates that by the end of 2023, up to fifty large ships will be making use of wind as a renewable energy source with a combined tonnage of over three million DWT.

In addition to the fleet of large commercial ships sailing with wind propulsion technology installed, ten small cruise ships currently use traditional soft sail technology representing a further 50,000 Gross Register Tonnage (GRT).

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Source: Anemoi Marine


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