COSCO’s Green Initiative to Transform Maritime Industry

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COSCO Shipping Lines, a prominent Chinese shipping company, has marked a significant milestone by unveiling its first fully electric inland container ship in Yangzhou. This revolutionary vessel, known as N997, boasts a 700 TEU capacity and is powered by innovative container-sized battery units, setting a new standard for sustainable shipping.The report from

  • COSCO Shipping launches its first fully electric container ship, N997, powered by portable, container-sized battery units, contributing to China’s decarbonization goals.
  • The vessel reduces carbon emissions by approximately 32 mt per 24-hour voyage compared to conventional fuel-powered ships of the same size.
  • COSCO’s green initiative marks a significant step towards sustainable shipping practices and sets a precedent for the industry’s transition to a greener future.

Green Technology 

The N997 container ship represents COSCO’s commitment to environmental stewardship and decarbonization. Equipped with 36 portable, battery-swappable units, the vessel’s green technology enables it to traverse the Yangtze River route, spanning over 600 miles, emitting significantly lower carbon emissions compared to conventional fuel-powered ships of the same size.

Pioneering Goals

As China aims to achieve its ambitious ‘dual carbon’ objectives, including peaking carbon emissions by 2030 and reaching carbon neutrality by 2060, the adoption of fully electric container vessels assumes paramount importance. COSCO’s eco-friendly initiative aligns with the nation’s efforts to mitigate the impact of shipping on the environment and set a precedent for sustainable practices in the maritime industry.

A Green Fleet 

With the successful launch of N997, COSCO Shipping Lines is poised to revolutionize container shipping along the Yangtze River route. Embracing the future of green maritime solutions, COSCO has already commenced the construction of its second fully electric container ship, N998. These innovative vessels are expected to contribute significantly to carbon emission reduction and enhance China’s sustainability efforts.

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