Counterfeit ADMIRALTY Charts And Publications – A Significant Safety Risk



The United Kingdom Hydrographic Office (UKHO) has released a warning about fake ADMIRALTY Products which are found increasingly in circulation.  These counterfeit products, which includes versions of ADMIRALTY charts and publications, pose a significant safety risk to vessels, crews and cargo.


  • The counterfeit products have not been issued officially by or on the authority of a Government, authorised Hydrographic Office or other relevant Government institution.
  • They do not satisfy the carriage requirements of the International Convention on the Safety of Life at Sea.
  • These counterfeit ADMIRALTY products have not undergone the rigorous checking procedures which take place for official versions; posing a significant safety risk to vessels, crews and cargo.
  • If you do find a counterfeit product, please inform the UKHO by contacting the customer services team.  Details of where and when the product was purchased, photographs and ideally the product itself should be provided to the authorities to identify the source.

A simple guide has been provided to help the users identify genuine ADMIRALTY products and reduce the risk of counterfeits being used for navigation.

Download the guide here


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