Covid-19 Charity Initiative By Infineum


Infineum, a specialty chemicals company, whose purpose is to create a sustainable future through innovative chemistry, announces $690,000 donated to charities all over the world, by employees and the organisation during Covid-19 pandemic, says a press release published on their website.

Infineum’s initiative

In response to the negative impact of Covid-19, Infineum launched an initiative to match the amount of employee donations and give the equivalent figure to three global charities; Doctors Without Borders, Direct Relief, Action Against Hunger.

“This altruism reflects the generosity and thoughtfulness of Infineum employees all around the world.  Despite some difficult personal circumstances, employees gave an incredible $345,000 to charities during this pandemic to support those who have been severely impacted.  This sustainable giving makes me feel incredibly proud and humbled and I am delighted that Infineum is matching this figure and supporting global charities through a very difficult time.” Trevor Russell, Infineum CEO

Charities ranging from hospitals to vulnerable people or animals

Colleagues donated to a huge variety of charities ranging from hospitals and direct workers, through to vulnerable people or animals.  A few colleagues share where and who they donated to:

 “I have made contributions to five charities, these charities look after the distribution of food packages to one of the most affected people in this lockdown in the streets of Mumbai, the migrant labour class.  Also, these charities feed the stray animals who have no one to look after them.” Raghuram, Infineum India

 “On behalf of a group of colleagues, I donated to the hospitals in Liguria Italy, because we wanted to provide tangible support to those who were taking care of our health in these difficult times.” Marco, Infineum Italy

 “I donated to a charity that supports Syrian refugees in a camp in Lebanon.  These people live under very difficult circumstances and during Covid-19 they have been unable to work and provide food for their families.  We wanted to support this particularly vulnerable community.” Rebecca, Infineum UK

 “I donated to Doctors Without Borders.  I always watched their advertisements, and thought about donating, but never did.  When Infineum started this great idea, it was the push I needed to start to donate.” Cristina, Infineum Italy

“I donated to three charities, because despite the personal challenges this situation gives me, I mostly feel incredibly blessed, to be healthy, safe and secure.” Lynn, Infineum USA

Support in other ways

In addition to this, Infineum has supported the countries in which it operates in many other ways.


In Germany this included providing hundreds of litres of isopropanol to the local fire department, to help them to blend their own disinfectants for hands and surfaces, as well as masks and goggles to local care institutions and meals for homeless in Cologne.


In China hundreds of masks were given to Original Equipment Manufacturers in Wuhan and hygiene care packs were bought for children as they returned to school. 


In Italy two ventilators were purchased for the local hospital and hand sanitizers, masks and protective suits were donated.  In addition, hundreds of masks and thousands of pairs of gloves were given to care homes in the UK.

Additional services

Charities all over the world have been impacted by Covid-19.  Many are having to deliver additional services, to those who really need help, with fewer volunteers and staff members, at a time when fundraising activities have been cancelled.  By working together with employees, Infineum is proud to supported 556 charities in many different countries to help them through this crisis.

In this video a few share where and who they donated to.

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Source: Infineum


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