Covid Updates: The Pandemic Isn’t Over Yet


  • Concerns about vaccinating teenagers are on the rise.
  • The mRNA vaccines are not suitable for usage in developing countries due to storage temperature restrictions.
  • Covid-19 pandemic is far from over.

During the pandemic, scientific advice to the government has been mainly positive; the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization (JCVI) is showing unhelpful signals of procrastination regarding teen vaccination and adult boosters, reports The Guardian.

Ian Harvey, an Emeritus Professor of Public Health, urged the JCVI to vaccinate youngsters as soon as schools resumed after the summer break.

Teenagers on focus

The concerns regarding vaccinating teenagers are reported to be based on worries about side effects, the ethics of indirect benefit, and the use of vaccinations in their states rather than in other countries. The mRNA vaccines in this group have a high safety profile, but due to storage temperature limitations, they are not suited for use in developing countries.

The rising death toll

“The UK’s daily mortality rate is comparable to a crowded London Routemaster bus heading over a cliff day after day after day. One might imagine that the regular and avoidable loss of so many autos, much alone the lives of everyone on board, would be front-page news “, said Professor Austen Lynch, from Lancashire.

The Delta form of Covid is causing major issues all across the world, despite the fact that most people believe the pandemic is over.

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Source: The Guardian


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