Crane Collapses onto Acetylene Cylinders at Falmouth Docks



A crane reportedly collapsed at the docks which lead to large scale evacuation. A firefighter suffered minor injuries when he tried assess the scene.

What happened?

A crane has reportedly collapsed at Falmouth Docks leading to the evacuation of the site.

Witnesses described hearing an “enormous bang” as it collapsed onto 10 acetylene cylinders at the dockside at about 09:00 BST.

Exclusion zone setup:

A 200m exclusion zone was set up over fears that the cylinder could explode after the collapse, which was initially treated as a major incident. The cordon was lifted around afternoon. Fortunately none were injured during the accident.

Eyewitness accounts:

Sarah Lucy, who lives in Cliff Road, Falmouth, said she was woken up by an “almighty crashing and rumbling sound”.

“Immediately the air raid siren started and then there were loads of sirens,” she said.

The Royal Navy Lookout Twitter account, an unofficial local account, said the crane collapsed with an “enormous bang”.

Speedy response:

Cornwall Fire Service said its response was in line with how it would plan for this type of incident.

Assistant chief fire officer Phil Martin said: “Incidents involving acetylene cylinders require a well-managed response and the cordon is put in place to ensure the safety of members of the public”.

“I am pleased to report that the firefighter who was injured suffered only minor injuries and was taken to hospital as a precaution. We do of course wish him a speedy recovery.”

A&P Group, which owns the docks, said a full health and safety investigation would take place.

The crane collapsed onto 10 acetylene cylinders.

Statement released:

A statement from A&P said: “No-one was injured in the incident, however, all personnel have been temporarily evacuated from the docks whilst an assessment of the area is made.”

“Personnel will return to work as soon as possible.”

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