Container Ship Crashed a Massive Crane at Jebel Ali



A massive crane abruptly smashed into the ground, narrowly missing an office block, at one of the world’s biggest ports.

What happened?

Jebel Ali dockyard is one of the busiest ports in the world, used by both expatriates as well as car manufacturers. It is just a few miles from the infamous Palm Jebel Ali development.

The crane believed to weigh around 1,800 tonnes, toppled to the ground after being hit by a ship.

The incident occurred at Terminal 1 of Jebel Ali dockyard in Dubai when a container ship hit the massive structure.

Another crane nearby also shifted after the impact, but managed to remain upright.

10 people injured:

CCTV footage of the collapse, which took place on May 4, shows large trucks being driven normally around the port.

Then suddenly one of the huge metal supports starts to buckle before the entire structure topples onto the ground below.

Trucks are driven away at speed and the entire dockyard area is then covered in a cloud of dust.

Ship crashes into quay:

Astonishingly no one was seriously injured after the CMA CGM Centaurus ship crashed into the quay. There was no pollution but the ship, quay and two cranes were damaged.

The UK Marine Accident Investigation Branch said an investigation had been launched to determine the cause of the crash.

Cranes to be structurally assessed:

An official statement released by the officials said, “The collapsed quay crane will be removed following all necessary safety procedures once the investigation has been completed. The second crane is under assessment for structural integrity and not in use until further notice.”

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Source: Mirror


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