Creating a Happy, Inclusive And Inspiring Workplace

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  • Working patterns have changed dramatically over the last few years.
  • Now, workers want the whole package from their employers.
  • Every company should have the ultimate ambition of creating a happy, inclusive and inspiring workplace.

Around the world, workers are faced with a series of unexpected challenges. The COVID-19 pandemic, swiftly followed by an economic downturn and soaring inflation has created an uncertain and volatile work environment. Findings show that workers want the whole package from their employers – secure, flexible, inclusive and financially stable employment in a place they feel they belong. 

Flexible But Stable

As we go into 2023, financial turmoil has added a new dimension to work priorities and expectations. There has been no letup in the desire for values-driven flexible employers, but workers are also seeking stability and security. With economic uncertainty bearing over them, more than a third of workers are worried about losing their jobs, while nearly two-thirds said they wouldn’t accept a job if it didn’t provide security. Both of these figures are up from last year. Workers still hold their values dear though – two-fifths of people wouldn’t accept a job if it didn’t align with their social and environmental priorities.

Working More

Alongside those seeking additional work or hours, the global economic outlook also means many older workers are rethinking their retirement plans. This trend towards ‘unretirement’ is one of the most marked swings in sentiment we have seen this year. 

For some, this means working longer. Last year, 61% thought they’d retire before 65, now only half think this. While, 7 in 10 workers say their finances prevent them from retiring as early as they’d like. For others, it might mean coming out of retirement altogether. This has clear implications for the workplace of the future, with many employers already contending with an aging workforce.

Workplace Of The Future

From population dynamics to digitalization, we are all aware that the workplace and working patterns are changing. Competition for talent remains fierce, with many of the in-demand digital skills required for the workplace of the future also in short supply. The employer-employee dynamic has certainly shifted over the time. 

In recent years, it has become increasingly evident that workers are prepared to quit their jobs over issues such as work-life balance, values and a sense of belonging. Over half of the people in our study would resign if they felt like they didn’t belong or have a sense of purpose. Every company should have the ultimate ambition of creating a happy, inclusive and inspiring workplace where people feel they belong. This means listening to workers’ views and respecting their values.

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Source: Weforum