Crew Abandons Vessel Following Red Sea Missile Strike


  • The crew of the general cargo vessel abandoned ship after a missile attack near the Yemen coast, despite recent US naval strikes targeting Houthi capabilities.
  • The US intercepted a Houthi-controlled unmanned subsurface vehicle and reportedly conducted a cyber-attack on the Iranian spy ship.
  • The disguised Iranian spy ship, is suspected of supplying intelligence to Houthi militias.

US Naval Strikes and Cyber Attacks

Over the weekend, the US Central Command (CENTCOM) identified anti-ship cruise missiles and unmanned vessels in Houthi-controlled areas, deeming them a threat to US Navy ships and merchant vessels. The US Navy launched strikes against the drones. An Iranian spy ship, was reportedly targeted in a cyber-attack. These actions aim to counter Houthi activities and reduce the risk of missile attacks on vessels in the region.

Shipping Industry Concerns and Calls for Seafarer Release

The incident raises concerns about maritime security, prompting shipping industry associations to emphasize the release of 25 seafarers held by the Houthis since the capture of a ro-ro vessel in November. The open letter from industry associations demands the immediate release of the captive seafarers, condemning their unjust detention amid ongoing threats to maritime activities in the region.

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Source: The Loadstar