Crew of Cargo Ship Found with Gun Arrested



A man who had just come off a cargo ship owned by TOTE Services was arrested Monday for having a gun at the Blount Island port.

What happened?

U.S. Customs was inspecting the Isabella when crew member Dennis Blake, 34, was stopped and his backpack searched.

Officers found a handgun and two magazines of ammo.  Blake is charged with introducing a firearm onto seaport property.

Blake is a member of the Seafarer’s Union.

Statement released:

The TOTE officials released released a statement on Tuesday said, “TOTE officials are assisting with the investigation. The company has an absolute rule forbidding guns on board its vessels.  Out of respect for the investigation, TOTE will not comment further.”

Further investigation is underway to determine why the man was in possession of firearms.

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Source: News4Jax


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