Crew Missing – Fishing Vessel Collides With a Container Ship


Human error and violation of ColReg regulations have lead a Taiwanese fishing boat collide with a container ship before pulling into Kaohsiung.  Incident was reportedly witnessed on a clear day at a calm sea thus clearing this incident as a human mistake.

The fishing boat capsized and all the crew aboard, including a Taiwanese and an Indonesian, are still missing.  The total number of people aboard the fishing vessel is still not clear.

Container ship has it’s team on board safe,  however the ship suffered few minor damages which are due to be checked up at the Kaohsiung docks.

The local authorities have set up a search patrol for the missing people of the fishing vessel.  The container ship’s crew has extended its full support with the investigations and even with the search.

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Video: SET News CH54 on YouTube

Source: SET News



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