Crew Transfer Vessel Hits Protruding Scaffolding On Supply Vessel


IMCA reports of an incident where a Crew Transfer Vessel (CTV) hit protruding scaffolding on a supply vessel.

What happened?

During transfer of crew to an Offshore Supply Vessel (OSV) at anchor, a Crew Transfer Vessel (CTV) came into contact with protruding scaffolding on the OSV, causing minor damage to a railing on the CTV. This was the fifth such transfer of personnel without incident; the Master was aware of the protruding scaffolding. The fifth time, during manoeuvring the CTV stern towards the OSV, the CTV contacted the OSV protruding scaffolding, causing minor damage. There were no injuries. The Master of the CTV under-estimated both how far the scaffolding protruded and how the OSV would swing round whilst at anchor.

What went wrong?

  • Task seen as routine: the CTV Master and crew had carried out multiple passenger transfers in similar conditions on several occasions. Crew members did not see this as an imminent hazard and no changes were made to their approach, no need was seen for additional safety measure at that point in time;
  • The existing risk assessment did not address the protruding scaffolding nor the risk of the OSV swinging round whilst at anchor.


Greater account should have been taken of the repair works requiring protruding scaffolding. A more comprehensive risk assessment was required, covering protruding objects and covering the potential for continuous swing on an anchored vessel.

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Source: IMCA