Crewman’s Right Hand Is Severed


A recent news article published in the Bangkok Post states that Crewman loses his right hand.

Panama-registered cargo ship

A Russian crewman on a Panama-registered cargo ship was brought ashore for hospital treatment after his right hand was sliced off in a work accident on Saturday.

After receiving an emergency call, Rear Adm Jaratkiat Chaiphan, director of Thailand Maritime Enforcement Command Centre Region 2, ordered HTMS Phuket to leave the Songkhla naval base with a team of doctors and nurses.

Treatment of the crew

Evgenii Kriukov, 47, was taken to Songkhla Hospital for treatment.

Meanwhile, a ship sank in the waters off Krabi. All four crew were safe, according to Krabi Port Security Control Centre.

The centre received a report around 4am that the boat, 23m long and 5.6m wide, sank after unloading goods on Koh Phi Phi prior to its return to Phuket.

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Source: Bangkok Post


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