Crude Oil Tanker Ran Aground Off Suez



Suez, whether the traffic through the canal and thus the revenue increases or not, the number of grounding incidents have increased considerably.  MFAME has previously reported couple of other ships which grounded in the Suez canal and thus blocking the traffic.

Here is one more news where a crude tanker grounded in the Suez.

On May 11, a crude oil tanker northbound ran aground while entering the suez canal in Suez port area.

Soon the rescue team with the help of tug boats refloated the tanker to outer Suez area safely.

Reports say that the tanker was moving in the opposite direction may be due to transit denial.

The investigation is underway to determine root cause of the issue.

What do you think could be the root cause?

Since the canal is narrow and deep draft vessels transit at relatively high speed, could “Squatting” be the reason?

Share your thoughts with us!

Source: GAC