Cruise Director Explains Cruise Ship Retirement

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  • Have you ever dreamed about taking a cruise around the world? Well, now you can make your fantasy a reality! And who says you have to wait for retirement to take a bucket list trip-of-a lifetime?

A recent news article published in the Wander Wisdom speaks about ‘Cruise Director Explains How to Retire on a Cruise Ship’.

TikTok video creator and Cruise Director


TikTok video creator and Cruise Director @gagegriffindor shared this super informative and very interesting clip about how you can retire and live on a cruise ship. Now, this sounds like an awesome plan and goal. Would you do this? We say, yes please!

You can actually purchase a cabin/condo aboard some cruise lines and make it your permanent home! Different cruise companies, itineraries, and various other factors come into play when determining purchase price.

Can you imagine living in your floating home that features very luxurious accommodations, world class cuisine, educational classes, music, theater performances, and more? And waking up in different countries all the time without all of the travel hassles sounds like a plus, too.

New way of living

TikTok viewers are very interested in learning more about this new way of living. Seriously, millions of people now working remotely, and this sounds so fabulous and attainable. User @still_thinking asks, “Have you seen an uptick of folks working ‘remotely’ on longer cruisers? Can’t you offer satellite internet? This sounds amazing!!!”

We absolutely agree, what a concept to live and work all while cruising the world! Fan @mikeydwestcott writes, “My husband and I have already talked about this. I still have a while to go but that’s my dream. Lol.” Commenter @gentrycj states, “I really want to do this when my retirement comes. Thanks for this great info!” 

Who knows? Your new zip code might just be somewhere in the middle of the big blue ocean. Bon Voyage!


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Source: Wander Wisdom