Cruise Resumes Voyage after an Electrical Outage


Cruise Resumes Voyage to Cuba after Electrical Outage


A cruise has resumed its voyage to Cuba after briefly returning to port in Miami due to an electrical outage.

The Fathom Adonia had to return to port Sunday evening.  In statement to local news outlets, Carnival Cruise Line spokesman Roger Frizzell said the “momentary electrical issue” was quickly resolved and the ship departed again early Monday.

Frizzell says the seven-night cruise has canceled a stop in Cienfuegos and will proceed to Santiago de Cuba as scheduled.  The cruise includes a two-day stop in Havana.

Earlier this month, the Adonia became the first U.S. cruise ship to visit Cuba in decades. Before the 1959 Cuban revolution, cruise ships regularly traveled from the U.S. to Cuba.  Cold War tensions shut down travel between the two nations.

Source: Associated Press