Cruise Secrets: Surprising Reason Never to do THIS in Your Cabin


Cruise holidays are a fantastic way to travel the world with style and comfort. Although cabin sizes are smaller than a typical hotel room they come fit with everything you need for a relaxing stay.

With the average sea cruise lasting at least a week, your cabin acts as your home away from home whilst sailing the seas.

With thousands of passengers on board, your cruise cabin because a place to escape the often packed public areas.

However, there are some things you should never do in your cruise room, this one rule will surprise you.

According to Cruise Critic Editor, Erica Silverstein, passengers must never forget to close the balcony door.

You may love the sound of the ocean spreading past or enjoy listening to the birds in the morning but leaving the balcony door open could cause havoc for your room.

Erica explained: “The warm air coming in will cause your cabin’s air-conditioning to work harder (unless you turn it down), wasting energy on the ship.”

But this isn’t the only issue as she went on to add that leaving the door open can often trigger off the fire alarm, an annoyance for both you and your neighbours.

Furthermore, she explained that if you open your cabin door at the same time, “you create a wind tunnel in the cabin, which will send all your dining reservation notices, cruise ship dailies and art auction advertisements flying everywhere.”

This is not the only balcony rule that cruise-goers need to abide by, when in their cabin.

Erica went on to highlight passengers should not hang items to dry on the balcony.

She explained: when the ship sets sail, and they could sail away themselves (an environmental faux pas) or end up in a puddle on your balcony floor.

“An unexpected rain shower or a scheduled balcony cleaning could result in your clothes getting wetter than they started. Plus, cruise lines don’t like anything flammable left on balconies.”

Regular cruise goers often know how to work the system to get the most out of their cruise but, more often than not, they have had to learn the hard way.

For anyone looking to book their first cruise, experts have revealed what not to do on their first cruise.

Judy Vanrenen, founder of Botanica World Discoveries advised first-timers: “pack lightly with ‘wash and wear’ clothes”. Checking with your cruise company as to how dress goes will also save any unwanted embarrassment.

Similarly, it is a smart idea to pick your cruise companion carefully, you will, after all, will be spending a lot of time with them.

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