Cruise Ship Battered by Violent Storm at Sea


Video footage has captured the dramatic scenes which unfolded on a cruise ship after it hit a rough storm.

The giant vessels are built to withstand enormous force, but sometimes nature puts up an impressive fight.  

Captured on a Caribbean cruise in October 2015, the video showed the effects of a ferocious storm on board.

The pool area revealed how wildly the ship was rocking as water splashed over every surface.

Huge volumes of water sloshed out of the pool and onto decks as the storm raged.

The dramatic video has gone viral since it was shared online.

Uploaded to YouTube, the clip has been viewed more than one million times.

One user wrote: “That looks so cool but scary”.

Another shared: “I would be scared to death”.

One viewer joked that it was a “good way to clean the decks” while another thought it would “actually be so much fun”.

Others thought the scenes looked “horrifying”.

Cruise ship storms are an inevitable part of the holiday process but some make their mark more than others.

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Source: Express


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