Cruise Ship Collides With Barge On The Rhine



Accident Type : Collision.
Vessels Involved : A Rosa Aqua, Cruise Ship and Marjo R, a Cargo Barge.
Location : Near Dusseldorf, Rhine km 752.
Casualties    : Not reported.

On August 17th, a cruise ship collided with a cargo barge near Rhine.  Of the 180 passengers onboard the cruise ship, 3 were taken to the hospital and 10 were treated by medical teams on accident site.

The cruise ship suffered a severe bow damage. It is reported that there has been no water ingression or pollution.  Later the ship, escorted by a fire boat, proceeded to the pier in Schnellenburg.  Heavy with corn, the cargo barge was taking in water and was stranded two kilometers away from the site.  The barge was stabilized using pumps and proceeded to Neuss, escorted by a fire boat.

Source: Vesselfinder


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