Cruise Ship Collides With Concrete Pier In Kusadasi Port


A 700 ft cruise ship, collided with a concrete pier during its routine arrival last week while docking at the port of Kusadasi in Turkey.

Speed Misinterpreted 

The incident occurred when the ship’s crew misinterpreted the ship’s speed and approached the pier abruptly, which resulted in the collision.

Despite efforts to slow down by lowering the anchor, the ship slammed into the concrete pier through the bow bulb.

The collision caused minimal damage to the ship and the pier, and no injuries were reported among the 597-person crew onboard.

Popular Cruise Port

Kusadasi Cruise Port, known for its eight berths for larger ships, remains Turkey’s most popular cruise port.

Officials confirmed that the incident did not interrupt operations.

The vessel comprises 630 cabins, including 149 with balconies, seven luxury restaurants, and eight pubs and lounges.

It offers seven-night excursions in the Aegean Sea until late October 2024.

Unlike traditional closed-loop routes, the ship’s round-trip sailings overlap, allowing passengers to board and disembark in many Greek cities and Kusadasi.

No Injuries Reported 

The ship’s underside made contact with a ferry ramp at the port.

However, no injuries were reported, and the vessel suffered no damage.

An inquiry has been ongoing to discover the reason for the incident, and the ship has resumed its intended route to Crete.

The 1994-built cruise ship has experienced various modifications to its name and ownership transfers throughout the years.

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Source: MarineInsight