Cruise Ship Secrets Revealed: Do Cruise Liners Have a Prison Onboard?


CRUISE ships are known for being as extensive as some cities with onboard amenities and services, but what do they have a jail for any passengers who commit an offence?

Cruise ships can encounter many problems during a trip around the world, from dangerous storms to pirate attacks.

Sometimes the problem may be onboard from the passengers.

With some cruise liners holding over 2,000 passengers, it is inevitable that one of them may end up causing danger to other passengers or committing a crime.

Many may ask whether cruise ships have a jail onboard, and what happens to the passengers who are breaking the law.

Most large cruise liners have a prison onboard, or a “brig”.

It is normally a small room with sparse furniture where the unruly passenger can be locked inside.

They are then held there before being handed over to port authorities at the next landing spot or held there until the end of the trip.

James Abbgy, who currently works on Royal Caribbean, confirmed on Quora: “We do, in fact, have a couple of steel rooms near our security office for any guests or crew who are deemed too dangerous to be confined in their rooms.”

“If you end up in one of them, you’re almost certainly going to be escorted off the ship at the next port, and handed over to that nation’s law enforcement officers.”

One frequent cruiser took to cruise forum Cruise Critic regarding one passenger who was taken to the “brig”.

They wrote: “A young man was gambling a lot, maxing out his card and about the 6th day he was rude to a young lady dealer, accused her of cheating and demanded the supervisor.”

“He started cussing [the security guards] and refused to go with them, then all of a sudden the young man grabbed one of the security guys.”

“Then the security guys just all grabbed him and gently put him on the ground, then cuffed him and took him to the brig where he stayed for two days until we reached the Azores at which time he was escorted off the ship and he and his bags were put in a cab.”

So those who think that being out at sea means they can escape the law should think again before boarding their next cruise liner.

It’s not the only thing that a cruise ship has onboard that many people may not realise.

Most cruise liners also have a morgue for any passengers that happen to pass away during a trip.

One man found this out the hard way after a rough night at sea and managing to cut his foot.

His injury meant he somehow ended up in the morgue.

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