Cruise Ship Smashes SF Pier on Arrival

Credit: josiah-weiss-unsplash

Amy Graff writes for SG Gate news source which speaks about an important topic called ‘Smacked into the dock’: Cruise ship hits pier while arriving in SF.

A Princess Cruises ship docking in San Francisco

A Princess Cruises ship docking in San Francisco on Thursday morning knocked Pier 27, damaging both the boat’s hull and the city’s cruise ship terminal, the U.S. Coast Guard said.

Princess Cruises reported no injuries and said in a statement, “At no time were any guests or crew in danger.” 

Lt. Jr. Grade Ben Wathen said the ship’s left backside struck the pier, but he could not provide specific details on the extent of the damage to the boat or the dock.

“The investigation is still ongoing,” Wathen said. “There will be extensive surveys.”

Credit: SFGate

10-day Alaska cruise

Princess Cruises said the ship was arriving in the city after a 10-day Alaska cruise when the collision occurred.

“The ship is safely alongside and disembarkation is complete,” the cruise line said.

The ship had 3,328 guests on board, with 1,159 crew members, ABC 7 News (KGO-TV) reported.

“I noticed we were spinning pretty quick, to be that close to the dock, and I was mid-ship, portside, looked out the window and we smacked into the dock,” Sacramento resident and passenger Paul Zasso told the TV station.

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Source: SG Gate


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