Cuba Opened Embassy In Washington



After decades of hostility and half-measured diplomatic missions, Cuba opened an Embassy in New York  just after midnight local time amidst cheering crowds of people.  There were a few protesters too.  US Secretary of State John Kerry feels the time is ripe for making the long overdue step in the right direction.

There are still a few glitches.

American Embassy in Havana will hoist the flag only when Mr Kerry pays a visit there on 14 August.

Cuban minister called for a removal of the 53-year-old US trade embargo and for the US to return Guantanamo Bay to Cuba.

Restrictions for Americans to travel and US trade houses to do business in Cuba continues.

Though both the Presidents of US and Cuba have already announced the the move towards diplomatic ties in December last year, US Congress would have to vote on the issue of lifting the US trade embargo which has largely affected Cuba’s economy.