Customs Make Biggest Ever Meth Seizure, Worth Over $100M


Hong Kong customs seized 1.8 metric tons (2 tons) of liquid methamphetamine in the city’s biggest-ever meth bust, reports Al Mayadeen English.

Biggest ever Meth seizure

The drugs, which were seized Oct. 23, had been concealed in bottles labeled as coconut water in a cargo shipment that arrived in Hong Kong by sea, according to a government statement. The haul is estimated to be worth 1.1 billion Hong Kong dollars ($140 million).

Authorities found that 1,800 bottles out of the total 7,700 bottles contained liquid meth. The bust is the largest on record among meth cases in terms of the amount and market value. Authorities are still investigating the case, and no arrests have been made.

The stash of drugs were bound for Australia, and had been shipped from Mexico via Hong Kong, according to authorities who spoke Saturday at a news conference. In Australia, the market value of the drugs could reach about HK$8 billion ($1 billion).

The cargo had raised suspicion as it was unusually large for a coconut water shipment from Mexico. The meth haul is the second found in shipments from Mexico to Australia in less than two weeks.

Custom officials earlier this month seized about $5.9 million worth of crystal meth concealed in a shipment of electrical transformers that were also bound for Australia from Mexico.

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Source: Al Mayadeen English


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