Daily Joke: A Day Into A Captain’s Life, The Doctor’s Advice


A sea captain was finishing up a long and tiring day at sea. It was now nighttime, and he was looking out into the pitch-dark night sky when he noticed a bright light out into the distance.  An interesting article in News Amomama briefly discusses on this aspect.

More into the humor aspect 

He checked his radio and was able to get a signal from the bright light. So he signaled to them over the radio to change their course 10 degrees to the east.

However, the light source quickly signaled back to the ship, “No, you change your course 10 degrees to the west!”

What did the angered captain say?

Angered, the captain signaled back, “I am a navy captain! Now change your course, sir!”

But immediately, the light signaled, “I am a seaman, second class. So change your course now!”

The captain was now very furious. He quickly went to his radio and signaled, “I am a battleship! So I will not move for anything!”

Then he received one final message, “I am a lighthouse, so it’s your call.”

Wow! That lighthouse watchman won that battle! If you need another laugh, check out the joke below about a wife who was over her husband’s snoring!

Her husband’s snoring was so loud

A woman was nearing her tether as her husband’s snoring was so loud that it kept her up every night and made it impossible to fall asleep! She decided to call the family doctor to see if anything could be done to prevent his snoring or quiet it down a bit.

The doctor said, “Well, there is one operation I can do…But I have to tell you. It is costly. It will cost you around $15,000 deposit and a payment of $1,000 every month for the next 2 years!”

“Wow, that is expensive,” said the woman, “Sounds like I’m buying a yacht.”

“Oh,” said the doctor, “was that too obvious?”

Can you imagine that? She almost bought a yacht! If you need another laugh, check out the joke below about a cheeky sailor who was visiting a bar!

Cheap shots

One day a thirsty sailor rushed into a local bar. He ran up to the bartender and said, “Give me five shots of your best quality whiskey, please!”

The bartender poured the whiskey, and the sailor immediately knocked back the shots one by one at a rapid speed! The bartender was amazed and asked, “Why are you drinking so quickly?”

The sailor said, “Well, you would too if you had what I have!”

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Source: News Amomama


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