Danelec Achieves Landmark DNV Cyber Security Type Approval for DM100 VDR Platform


Danelec has become the first manufacturer of Voyage Data Recorders (VDR) to receive the new DNV Cyber Security Type Approval for IACS UR E27, recognizing its advanced DM100 VDR platform. This achievement highlights Danelec’s commitment to providing top-tier solutions for maritime safety and operational performance.

New Cybersecurity Standards for Maritime Safety

The International Association of Classification Societies (IACS) has introduced Unified Requirements E27 to enhance cyber safety and protect maritime assets from cyber threats. These standards, mandatory for all classed ships contracted for construction from 1 July 2024, cover both operational and information technology systems on ships. Danelec’s VDRs are now at the forefront of maritime cybersecurity, meeting these stringent requirements.

Compliance and Certification

The DNV Cyber Security Type Approval confirms that the DM100 VDR and DM100 (S-)VDR G2 meet high cybersecurity standards, providing robust protection against cyber threats. The VDRs comply with DNV rules for classification – Ships Pt.6 Ch.5 Sec.21 Cyber security, designed to safeguard sensitive data and ensure data integrity.

Additionally, the certification aligns with the newly released IEC 61162-460 Ed. 3.0 standard, which specifies secure digital interfaces and Ethernet interconnections for maritime navigation and radiocommunication equipment. The DM100 VDR platform is now approved according to DNV security profiles SP0 and SP1 (edition July 2023), IACS UR E27, and IEC 61162-460 Ed. 3.0.

Importance of Cybersecurity in Maritime Technology

Christian Kock, EVP of Safety at Danelec, emphasized the importance of cybersecurity in the maritime industry:

“Securing maritime technology against cyber attacks is more critical than ever as the industry increasingly relies on digital systems to reduce operational costs and environmental impact. Achieving the DNV Cyber Security Type Approval for our DM100 VDR platform underscores our dedication to safeguarding maritime assets and ensuring the integrity of vital data.”

Danelec’s achievement of the DNV Cyber Security Type Approval for its DM100 VDR platform marks a significant milestone in maritime safety and cybersecurity. This recognition ensures that Danelec continues to lead the industry in providing secure, reliable solutions for maritime operations.

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Source: Danelec


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