Danelec Marine Partners With ioCurrents To Improve Fleet Operations



Danelec Marine’s DanelecConnect ship-to-shore data solution and cloud-based infrastructure has changed the industry by providing ship owners and managers unprecedented access to their vessel data.  

By partnering with ioCurrents, a pioneer in real-time remote vessel analytics and artificial intelligence, the maritime industry is poised to take advantage of the latest technology innovations to improve fleet operations. An article published in cyprus shipping news explain about this partnership.

Here’s an excerpt from that.

Who Is Danelec Marine?

Danelec Marine is an established global supplier of operational technology including Voyage Data Recorders (VDR) and Electronic Chart Display & Information Systems (ECDIS).

Who Is ioCurrents?

ioCurrents is an innovator in maritime data analytics using machine-learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to map data gathered from onboard sensors which monitor the performance of engines, generators, fluid levels, GPS location and other critical equipment.

This live data is presented through its MarineInsight platform, which compares real-time performance against equipment manufacturers’ optimal operating parameters. The system also automates manual reports for compliance requirements, as well as tracking and recommending potential efficiency gains across a company’s operations.

Advantage Of Collaboration

ioCurrents believes in enabling you to do more: reduce time on manual tracking and reporting, build better maintenance plans, save money on voyages; and all of this hinges on your vessel’s behaviours. Danelec collects that data today, and ioCurrents can turn that into actionable answer sets.

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Source: cyprussshippingnews.com


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