Dardanelles Strait Traffic Temporarily Halted Due To Bulker Fire


Turkey’s Coastal Safety Authority reported that traffic through the strategic Dardanelles Strait was temporarily halted due to an engine room fire onboard a deadweight tonnage bulker. 

Engine Room Fire 

The fire, suspected to have originated in the engine room, caused visible smoke from the 107.5-meter vessel, halting its progress in the critical waterway. Turkish authorities dispatched two rescue boats, a fast response vessel, and a pilot boat to the scene, where they sprayed water onto the funnel and stern to extinguish the fire.

Once the fire was under control, Rescue-13 was tasked with towing the bulker to a safe anchorage. Traffic through the Dardanelles resumed thereafter. The Turkish Coast Guard is investigating the fire’s cause to safeguard the waterway.

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Source: Safety4sea