DBJ And ClassNK Evaluated The LNG Dual-Fueled Chemical Tanker

Credit: marek piwnicki- unsplash – emission

Under “Zero-Emission Accelerating Ship Finance (Program)” jointly operated by Development Bank of Japan Inc. (DBJ) and ClassNK, ClassNK evaluated the LNG dual-fueled chemical tanker, “FAIRCHEM PIONEER” jointly developed by Fukuoka Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. (Fukuoka Shipbuilding) and Fairfield Japan Ltd. (FJL), currently under construction at Fukuoka Shipbuilding, and is going to be chartered to FJL. DBJ provided financing to Fukuoka Shipbuilding, says an article published on their website.

About the program

Under the Program, ClassNK evaluates ships based on a comprehensive scoring model jointly developed by DBJ from the perspective of “decarbonization, environmentally friendly performance, and innovativeness,” and DBJ provides investment and financing.

Fukuoka Shipbuilding, which has shipbuilding yards in Fukuoka City and Nagasaki City, is a shipbuilding company with strength in building chemical tankers. FJL, the Japanese subsidiary of Fairfield Chemical Carriers Inc., a U.S. operator specializing in chemical tankers, has been working advanced initiatives to decarbonize its operations, including joint development of the ship with Fukuoka Shipbuilding. The ship, being built at Fukuoka Shipbuilding’s Nagasaki Yard and set to be delivered to FJL, will be the first LNG dual-fueled chemical tanker in Japan.

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Source: Class NK