Death of Oscar-winning Titanic composer James Horner


James Horner, the Hollywood composer who wrote the Oscar-winning score for Titanic, has died in a California plane crash aged 61.

Oscar-winning composer James Horner, a trained pilot, died in a light aircraft crash on Monday at around 9.30 am near Santa Barbara at the age of 61.  Mr Horner had won an Oscar for the film Titanic (1997), for the best original dramatic score and for best original song.  He also shared the award with Will Jennings, for “My Heart Will Go On” performed by Celine Dion.  He has penned the scores of Field of Dreams, Braveheart and Titanic, for which he won two Academy Awards.  He also has 95 soundtrack credits and 158 composer credits to his stake.  The musician has worked on three James Cameron films, as well as A Beautiful Mind, Braveheart, Troy, Star Trek and Apollo 13. He always believed that his job is to make every film touch the audience’s heart.

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