Debunking The Biggest Winter Fuel Myth !

Credit: Dominik Garbera/ unsplash
  • The main fuel-saving misconceptions are that heating the car uses more fuel.
  • And that warming the engine up prior to setting off makes it run better on a cold day.
  • With winter temperatures in full swing, many drivers will look to save money on fuel by not turning on the heating.

According to one expert that may not be necessary as there are many common fuel-saving misconceptions that simply aren’t true, especially during winter.

Being Overcharged

RAC fuel spokesman Simon Williams said: “It’s bordering on a scandal that drivers are being overcharged so much because the big four supermarkets, which dominate UK fuel retailing, are flatly refusing to reduce their prices by bigger amounts. Their prices are dropping like a feather when they should be falling like a stone…” The RAC also previously claimed that drivers are being overcharged at petrol stations.

Dorry Potter, car and scrappage expert for National Scrap Car, said: “The main fuel-saving misconceptions are that heating your car uses more fuel and that warming your engine up prior to setting off makes it run better on a cold day…” The expert continued: “It is safer, as long as the windscreen, back window and mirrors have been de-iced, and more fuel efficient to drive almost immediately after switching the engine on a cold day…”

Common Misconception

Tom Hixon, Head of Instructor Support at Bill Plant Driving School, echoed Ms Potter’s claims. “Heating your car actually uses minimal amounts of fuel. The heating system is linked to the car’s cooling system, this relays the heat from the engine to the cabin of the vehicle.” he said. The expert added: “Saving fuel remains an important factor when it comes to driving so maintaining fuel-saving habits is crucial in saving that money. Try and remove any unnecessary weight from your vehicle before driving. Any items that you’ve been meaning to take out of your boot could make a difference in your fuel consumption.”

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