Decarbonized Society: LCO2 Carriers Embarks On It


Korean Register (KR) and Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) have conducted a joint development project (JDP) to develop 40,000 cubic metre liquefied CO2 (LCO2) carriers fuelled by LNG, says an article published in BunkersSpot.


Transporting CO2 in a liquid state requires a pressure C-Type cargo tank capable of withstanding a high vapour pressure of over 5 atmospheres or greater.

However, this type of cargo tank is usually used for smaller carriers and there are technical difficulties in enlarging the size of the tank to meet the market requirement to transfer a larger amount of CO2 to storage facilities.


JDP, HHI carried out the basic and structural design of the carrier, while KR verified the safety and conformity of the design, reviewing the class rules and international conventions. The resulting concept design has now been awarded Approval in Principle (AIP) by KR.

To increase the size of the CO2 storage tanks, special materials with low-temperature and high-tensile need to be used instead of ordinary steel, which, KR highlights, makes it challenging to control the thickness and weight of the tanks.

Propulsion System

The LCO2 carrier design is capable of storing up to 40,000 cbm using a type C pressure tank made of existing low-temperature and high-tensile materials. An LNG fuel propulsion system has also been installed.

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Source : BunkersSpot




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