Deltamarin & EcoLog Reveal New LCO2 Design


  • Ship designer Deltamarin and carbon capture, utilisation, and storage (CCUS) player EcoLog have revealed a design for a new LCO2 carrier design.
  • The design for the intra-EU, short-range, low-pressure, and shallow draft LCO2 carrier will be tendered at shipyards worldwide.

Deltamarin and ECOLOG unveil LP LCO2 carrier design – copyright Deltamarin
Deltamarin and ECOLOG have collaborated on LCO2 carrier design for the purpose of tendering at shipyards worldwide, reads an official release.

The new design is intra-EU, short range, low pressure, and shallow draft.

New LP LCO2 carrier design

During the initial design, various solutions have been carefully studied in order to optimize the vessel for LCO2 transportation, including different configurations of the cargo containment and handling system, considering the effect of the wide variety of CO2 compositions. LNG DF propulsion, shore power (AMP), and wind assistance are integrated into the design and help to minimize the environmental footprint.

ECOLOG is committed to building and owning a fleet of liquid CO2 carriers to serve the emerging Carbon Capture, Utilization and Sequestration (CCUS) sector. ECOLOG’s strategy revolves around connecting hard-to-abate emitters with cost-competitive sequestration sites and high-value re-use facilities, utilizing ECOLOG’s midstream infrastructure, including ships and terminals.

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Source: Deltamarin