DEME Releases 2023 Annual Report: Highlights Solid Growth And Sustainability Commitment


  • DEME unveils its 2023 Annual Report, showcasing impressive growth metrics including a 22% surge in the orderbook and a record-high turnover of 3.3 billion euros.
  • The report underscores the company’s robust trajectory, driven by geographic expansion, innovative vessel introductions, and significant wins across all segments.
  • Additionally, DEME emphasizes its commitment to sustainability, detailing key initiatives aimed at addressing critical global challenges and fostering a more liveable world.

DEME’s 2023 Annual Report reveals notable achievements, including a remarkable 22% increase in the orderbook and a record-high turnover of 3.3 billion euros. CEO Luc Vandenbulcke and Chairman Luc Bertrand commend the strong performance across all segments, attributing the success to the company’s strategic focus on leveraging synergies and mutual reinforcement between Offshore Energy, Dredging & Infra, Environmental, and Concessions divisions.

Acknowledgment of Employee Contributions

Vandenbulcke and Bertrand express gratitude to DEME’s workforce for their dedication, inventive spirit, and commitment to delivering on customer promises. They highlight the immense efforts made by employees throughout 2023, emphasizing the role of hard work, determination, smart thinking, and ingenuity in driving DEME’s success.

Commitment to Sustainability and Global Challenges

The Annual Report underscores DEME’s commitment to building a better, more liveable world by addressing critical global challenges such as climate change, population growth, urbanization, maritime trade, and environmental issues. DEME is positioned at the forefront of the energy transition, with a focus on sustainable performance and progress across eight key sustainability themes detailed in the report.

Availability of the Annual Report

DEME’s 2023 Annual Report is accessible on the company’s Investor portal, providing stakeholders with insights into the company’s financial performance, growth strategies, and sustainability initiatives. The Dutch version of the report will be released online on April 12, 2024, further extending accessibility to a broader audience.

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Source: DEME